The world is all eyes...

Nowadays, people read more than in any other era. But the question is: What is it they read?
Literature? Blogs? Specialized texts? There are many options, but one fact is certain: People only read texts they can understand. And the languages they understand depend e.g. on their mother tongue, financial situation and heritage - among many other things. Therefore, translating the right texts into the right languages can be a crucial benefit.

For this purpose, many translation and language service providers around the globe offer their support. I join them in offering translations/localizations, proof reading and editing. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide all languages and varieties. My range of languages is therefore restricted to:

If you want to order a relay translation*, it is always recommended to pass on the original text as well – to me personally, it proves to be especially helpful if it was written in a Germanic or Romance language, in Japanese or in Korean.

In addition, I provide my voice for recordings should you require this. Here are two samples that originate from a project I did in my free time: sample1, sample2.

You want to place an order? Simply contact me without further ado.

* It is called a relay translation if a text is first translated into a more common language before creating the final translation (based on the intermediate text).